Pastured chicken and pork breakfast LINKS are back in stock. 1/2 pastured hogs available for December harvest. Get your Christmas ham and bacon and your freezer full at the same time!

Pastured Pork

Raised in open pastures. No hormones, no antibiotics. GMO-Free. Corn & soy free.

1/4 Pork Bundle- 30 lbs

$6.63/lb, overall best value


Smoked pork (CURED)


100% Pastured Pork, they are to die for!!

Breakfast Sausage (PORK)

Breakfast like Grandpa

Country-Style ribs

(also called "farmer style")

Pork Belly (uncured bacon)

This is bacon uncured -PLAIN

Pork belly (unsliced)

For making your own bacon

Pork bones

Per bag price, not per lb (average weight is 3-4 lbs a bag)

Pork Fat

Pasture Raised Pork Fat

Pork Roast

Pulled Pork (shoulder or leg)

Pork shank (whole)

Whole hock, uncured