Farming Practices

  • Pasture Based System
    • Our pastures are certified organic through the State of Idaho
    • Cows are grazed on grass and intensively managed;  depending on the time of year they are moved daily or sometimes multiple times a day
    • Pigs are rotated on their pasture and are free of crates
    • Chickens are on the same pasture as the cows following behind them   
  • Low Carbon Footprint
    • Animals are fed from plants grown on the farm
    • Many producers have to buy feed from other farmers, using extra fossil fuel to haul the feed to and from farms
  • Mineral Rich
    • We supplement our animals with Redmond Salt and Clay, this adds minerals to help keep them healthier
    • We also supplement the land with the same minerals helping the grass and other plants grow stronger
  • Non-GMO
    • Seed and plant diversity has started to dwindle, we want to help keep the diversity alive
  • Hormone/Antibiotic Free
    • We don't believe in low doses of antibiotics to help animals gain weight faster
  • Humanely Raised
    • We breed for docile animals, this leads to less stress for animals and humans