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Farming Practices

  • Pasture Based System
    • Our pastures are free from pesticides and commercial fertilizers; we use organic practices
    • Cows are grazed on grass and intensively managed;  depending on the time of year they are moved daily or sometimes multiple times a day
    • Pigs are rotated on their pasture and are free of crates
    • Laying hens are on the same pasture as the cows following behind them   
    • Broilers and turkeys are rotated on fresh pasture regularly
  • No-till Farming
    • We try to disturb the soil as little as possible.   We believe that what is happening below the ground is just as important as what is happening above. We try to do everything that we can to feed our soil. This is accomplished using no-till practices.
    • Low Carbon Footprint
    • Animals are fed from plants grown on the farm
    • Many producers have to buy feed from other farmers, using extra fossil fuel to haul the feed to and from farms
  • Mineral Rich
    • We supplement our animals with Redmond Salt and Clay, this adds minerals to help keep them healthier
    • We also supplement the land with the same minerals helping the grass and other plants grow stronger
  • Non-GMO and Soy Free
    • Seed and plant diversity has started to dwindle, we want to help keep the diversity alive
  • Hormone/Antibiotic Free
    • We don't believe in low doses of antibiotics to help animals gain weight faster
  • Humanely Raised
    • We breed for docile animals, this leads to less stress for animals and humans 

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