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Buying an animal "hanging" (harvest on farm)

For those who'd like the liberty of choosing your own cuts, an animal will be harvested for you right at McIntyre Pastures and then delivered to Greenleaf Meats in Greenleaf, ID. You will pay the price per pound listed of the hanging weight of the animal. The kill fee, cutting, wrapping, or any additional charges (curing, etc) will be paid by you, the customer, to the butcher.

What you need to know: *You are ordering an animal "hanging"; this means it does not come all ready packaged.  You are paying for a beef, hanging on the rail.  You will then have the liberty to choose all of your cuts and packaging *Per state regulations, you will pick up at the butcher, Greenleaf Meats in Greenleaf, Idaho *We will send you a list of all the basic (and more) cuts you can order, and walk you through the ordering process with the butcher *You will need roughly 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space for a 1/4, 6-7 cubic feet for a 1/2, and 12-13 cubic feet for a whole beef.