The McIntyre family started this farm over a century ago in 1909. They moved here on a government deal that if they helped with the canal and reservoir project they could purchase land. The farm started with row crop as well as raising animals and having a dairy. Presently, Loren and his sons live on the farm being the 3rd and 4th generations on the farm. Loren’s dad started the alfalfa business which is still being farmed today. In 2009 while the boys were picking up rocks in the fields they began to wonder why the rocks just seem to keep coming up. This led them down the road in many directions to farm no-till, interest in the biology of the soil, and eventually to Gabe Brown, a nationally known sustainable farmer. They realized that life below ground was just as essential as life above the ground. They started to bring cows back on the land to help build their soil. They want to build up the land the way nature has done it instead of with artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Since the cows are now living back on the farm they want to offer this great tasting grass finished meat to the public. Along with the cows they have also put pigs and chickens back on the land as well. In the future, these products will be available year round, for now, it will be seasonal. With all the new things happening on the farm, it is very exciting and the hope is the customers and community can be involved to also experience the evolution.