Our family started farming back in 1909. The generations before us came here with the promise that if you helped with the canal and reservoir project, you could purchase land.  The farm started out mostly with row crops and raising animals, including a small dairy.  Loren’s dad started the alfalfa business which is still a part of our operation today.  Fast forward to 2009, after returning from college, Ben and Brad were picking up rocks in fields and began to wonder why the rocks just seemed to keep coming up. This led them (and all of us!) down the road in many directions… to no-till, biology of the soil and eventually to Gabe Brown. We realized that life below ground was just as essential as life above. We started bringing more cows back on the land to help build soil and to utilize the refuse left through the no-tilling we had begun to do and believe in.  We wanted to build the land the way nature has done it instead of with artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Since that time, cows are on the farm as well as pastured hogs and pastured chickens, which follow in rotation behind the cattle.  They are the perfect ‘sanitizer’ to clean up flies and live the way nature intended, free to graze on lush pasture.   We love having the opportunity to offer great tasting grass finished/pastured meat and eggs to the public. In the future we hope to offer more products that have been brought to the farm to build the health of the soil and expand our distribution.

Loren (dad) and Ben and Brad (brothers) run the farm presently being the 3rd and 4th generations.  Ben’s wife, Maria, has managed the office and helped with farm chores since she joined the family and currently does the marketing.  Jill (Brad's wife) helps with the egg process.  Kathy (mom) is our cheerleader and fills in when she can. Throughout the year, we have other relatives (sister in laws, cousins) that work seasonally.  There are lots of kids running around and enjoying this beautiful way of life.  The older ones truly help with the process and the younger ones are learning the ropes and learning to love this life that we cherish.  Thanks for stopping by!