Local honey is in stock­čŹ». Last week for the Super Bowl Bundle savings!

Variety Bundles (savings!)

Breakfast Bundle

Rise and shine with the best!
Bundle discount $13.00 savings
$88.00 $75.00

Slow Cooker Bundle

Low and Slow: Pork, beef, and chicken!
Bundle Discount $25.00 savings
$155.00 $130.00

Cowboy Bundle

Even if you don't ride a horse, you'll love some good steaks!
Bundle Discount $25.00 savings
$170.00 $145.00

Super Bowl Bundle

Healthy (but DELICIOUS) meats for the big day!
Bundle Discount $15.00 savings
$115.00 $100.00

Pastured Sampler Pack

Farmer's choice, always good! (Discounted bundle)
Bundle discount $15.00 savings
$115.00 $100.00

1/4 Pork Bundle- 30 lbs

$6.63/lb, overall best value
Discount box! IN STOCK $20.00 savings
$219.00 $199.00

1/8 Beef Bundle- 45 lbs

$7.30/lb, best value
Discount box! IN STOCK $30.00 savings
$359.00 $329.00