Medium eggs on sale! Cases in stock. DUCK IS HERE! Beat the Heat Grilling Bundle and limited tomahawk steaks and boneless chicken thighs available

Variety Bundles (savings!)

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Beat the Heat Bundle

(grilling staples)

Beef Stick Bundle

5 pkgs of ends or sticks: Peppered, Johnny's (regular), or Teriyaki

Cowboy Bundle (Steaks!)

Even if you don't ride a horse, you'll love some good steaks!

1/4 Pork Bundle- 30 lbs

$6.63/lb, overall best value

Best of Chicken Bundle

Some of our best pastured chicken for a great value!

Pastured Sampler Pack

Best way to try all our meat options! (The ‘bountiful basket’ of meat) 10% discount with every bundle!!