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Peppered Beef Sticks or Ends

Peppered Beef Sticks or Ends

6-7 sticks per package OR about a .65 lb bag (average) on ends

These are from our own grass fed beef, made into a delicious meat snack.  There are 6-7 sticks per package.  Please specify if you want ends or sticks when you check out!

Note:  We are super excited about this product- it is TASTY--but we are, working on coming up with a 3rd party that will make doing this naturally, a reality.  Until then, please READ the ingredient list before purchasing.



Beef, Pepperoni seasoning (salt, suagr, flavorings (spices, spice extractives), monosodium glutamate, glarlic powder, sodium erythorbate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate,) Coarse black pepper, Cure (salt sodium nitrite, propylene glycol, sodium bicarbonate, Red 3, glycerin) garlic powder, char oil, Mahogany edible collagen