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Grass-fed Beef (hanging) NON-PREMIUM (Click HERE for more details)

Grass-fed Beef (hanging) NON-PREMIUM (Click HERE for more details)

JUNE harvest 1/2 beef
$3.20 /lb.
Avg. 350 lb.

**This most likely will be an older animal.  Completely grass fed and grass-finished, no antibiotics, but ready to be retired due to problems calving, or calf history, ect.  THIS IS NOT PREMIUM!!! Best used for lots of burger, and some cube steaks, roasts, stew meat, if desired. Put this in your shopping basket and choose PRE-ORDER BEEF and PORK as your pick up.  Your beef will be harvested on farm and taken to Greenleaf Meats for cut and wrap as a hanging animal with bones and fat.  This is the weight you will pay from.  It is NOT the take home weight of your packages of meat as there are bones, organs, excess fat, ect. that will be cut out (although you can request to keep those, please do so in the NOTE section when ordering!) 

**In addition to what you'll pay us for the animal, the price to Greenleaf Meats is a $65 harvest fee, plus 90 cents per lb for cut and wrap.  Packaging is different than what we sell in the store/website.  It is very durable, but not roll stock.  We have had great success in keeping it 18 months to 2 years with no freezer burn, it is double packaged and looks like the picture below.