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1/2 Grass-fed Beef (hanging) NON-PREMIUM

1/2 Grass-fed Beef (hanging) NON-PREMIUM

$2.50/lb. Avg. 420 lb.
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**This is a retired cow.  Grass-finished, no antibiotics, but ready to be retired.  These are NOT grandmas...most are only 4 yrs old. Perfect for burger, cube steaks, and roasts.  

A $300 deposit is required.  Put this in your shopping basket and choose McIntyre Farms as your pickup site.  We will call you to confirm and get your deposit.  We will deliver a cow to Greenleaf Meats and will be given a hanging weight by the butcher.  This is the weight you will pay from.  It is NOT the take home weight of your packages of meat as there are bones, organs, excess fat, ect. that will be cut out (although you can request to keep those, please do so in the NOTE section when ordering!) You will get to choose how you want all your meat cut up.  

**The weights on these cows will can take a whole, 1/2, or 1/4 and we will try our best to accommodate how much meat you want to end up with when you place your order.  (We only have a 1/2 listed at this time, but there are other smaller or larger options).     Maria will give you a call after you place your order to find out what you want!