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Soap Making Class (hot process)

Soap Making Class (hot process)

Saturday, Dec 3rd- 10 am
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(note: pictured soap is not the actual soap we will be making) 

Join us at the farm store for a soap making class using our very own pastured pork fat, rendered into lard.  The class will be led by Laiken Arslanian, a seasoned soap maker.  Each person will receive instruction and a bar of soap.  It is a holiday scent, using the hot process with a cinnamon, clove, anise scent.  This will not be a hands on class, but rather a demonstration. 

Main items coverered include:

How to render fat, how to handle and work with lye, basic processes (hot or cold) for any form of soap, focus on hot process soap, specifically, individualize/develop your own soap recipe, pouring and cutting.  

*This class is for anyone ages 12 and up (due to the nature of lye), younger indivuduals should be accompanied by an adult.